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Welcome to Leigh Henningham Photography

Unique photography in and of Melbourne, plus a whole lot more.

With over 30 years' experience as a photographer and national photo editor, I bring an experienced eye to unique views of my incredible hometown. I look for the unexpected side of our famous city: rain slick streets dancing with night light, half empty mid-week trams, the curved edge of an iconic building, a cat on an abandoned armchair outside inner-city 1960s apartments. 


Many times voted the World’s Most Liveable City, Melbourne is also one of the most beautiful and I'm proud to showcase it. Most days of the year I'm out with my camera looking for a new view of familiar scenes—the Yarra River at dawn, sunsets from St Kilda, the skyline at night. There is also rare beauty beyond the city that I have caught on camera, and those images are here too.


Fine art quality prints for your office, shop, showroom, café, or home can easily be ordered via the shop drop down menu. Photos for your homepage, website, or social media to give your business the edge with stunning images. I can talk to you directly about when and where the photo you love was taken—I never forget the story behind any of my thousands of images.

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