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About Me

I have been a senior Photo Editor, and a photographer for over thirty years in the Australian Media. Having had photographs published in print and online, on a daily basis for much of that time I have seen much change in the media and photography industry.


From the days of processing black and white film, with hand printing in a darkroom to today’s fully digital colour web based media I have experienced the lot.


It may all be quicker and instantaneous as we post to social media like Instagram and Facebook, but the one thing that has not changed is the skill of the photographer and artist who can see what others don’t, then has the ability to capture unique moments that can then be shared.


It’s these skills that I have honed over a long period of time now and still love practising on a daily basis.


It can be wonderful to be up a dawn seeing the light change and illuminate what there is before me. Be it a statue waking to balloons as they drift past. The mood of Port Phillip Bay changing with the weather. Animals wild and domestic living their lives in our environment.


To citizens reacting to street art and just the late light of the day enriching the architecture it’s all a challenge to capture and sometimes the results can be a joy.


These results I post daily on Social Media for all the world to see and now the shopping function of this website gives you the ability to purchase prints framed or unframed in a seem less manner.


Be it an ocean view, the stunning colours of dawn and dusk, the quirky beauty of animals, or architectural splendour from various periods there are photos here that will only add to the environment you are wanting to create either in your home, office, showroom, homepage, social media, or whatever your visual needs are.